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My bones were found  In last year's mouth Of teeth painted with my regrets  On tongues of houses holding safe  With tight looped lines of   Veins that make the days feel the same way  It feels to feel the same  I'm Bleeding in  So I swallow god to absorb the yawn Days have been sharp without meaning  And I adorn the nights with apathy  Like streets we streak with broken eyes  Of repetitious boredom  So I swallow god to suffocate the yawn For caring very little about caring too much  To carry on I am bleeding in 
You’re my ice again With blackout eyes & stubborn lips Tipping toy-like ships  Thats how we capsize Under the water’s skin, I fill up and give in When we capsize We have become a drowning As our lungs lose air The bottom comes up to kiss us into Sleep
Be life, hold my hand Forgetting all the dirty laps we’ve made smile I’ll be Your foundation, Your landfill family Your Happy birthday So blow out the candles in your hands And pull the wax from your nails. Use your past to build a brand new body Made of us We’re both inside it To be Life To feel Alive Hold my hands With salty wrists we’ll stand inside each other Like future gods Of anicent ghosts shaped like us I’ll be Your foundation, Your landfill family Your Happy birthday To be Life, to feel Alive in our new birthday suit To be Life, to feel Alive in our new skin I’ll be your foundation, Your landfill family I’ll be your Happy birthday
Twelve more bones to add, Broken and salted, With phantom skin we’ve torn away From a body we built up to watch burn Lighting it up Kissing it gone Waving with bloody fingers Goodbye Twelve more teeth to pull Bitting facts from our smile As we watch it burn out Twelve more bones to add Twelve more teeth to pull Purging the posioned lovelies Lets set it all on fire and kiss it good bye Goodbye Goodbye
I'll find it, friend it, fuck this,  Fix it, do “it” to “it”, be it, bleed it,  Upstairs, we can drain out over concrete beds  Letting axes carve the sound to Stay  Buried under bloody leaves, To slide  Under sharpened wheels of apes spinning yarns  Through diamond teeth Keep it  Kiss this  Like its our secret   In my bedroom, you will play the role Of “kitten found inside the horses mouth.”     Close the door  And unhinge your jaw, Believe in silence       And we’ll be golden Keep it our secret  Kiss it like you mean it   Close the blinds We dance in the dark Remember I’m your friend I'll find it, friend it, fuck this,  Fix it, do it to it, be it, bleed it,  Upstairs,  Under my sheets you have played along As “Kitten found inside the horses mouth”
These places in people,  Like lockets of tourniquets  For purging, become the sun To swallow the air   And dance   To neglected noises  From pasts      Of tainted bones  With empty eyes   To celebrate the stains   Dusted with sleepy blood    At comfortable bars  Wrapping liquor around gums  While dying  To dance   To neglected noises  From pasts      Of tainted bones  With empty eyes   To celebrate the stains The fucking  Connects inside, but they cant get in  They want to avoid it all,  To bypass  Leaving stems of nervous ideas  About a concept of people  Losing touch, holding fingers is too much   As the pulse beats it in  *all lyrics by Kortland Chase Hetzel
Bent Over Cellphone ribs Reminding me to suffocate, soon I'll be Washing my DNA clean Of your edited skin tones that make me sweat When I am in your cloud You are god This is "us", here "we" are Grey eyed and dead, Our parts, at a price, are for you This is us weaving our bones In high definition, We are not real, so you're not real But have you liked all my pictures? You know me just how I want you to know me Designed to fall in love With my ghost This dance of likes Pays me in ad space And you'll follow my looks to the end When you are in my cloud, I am god This is not real, we are not real


released June 26, 2018

Kortland Chase Hetzel: Vocals, Guitar, Claps
Sean McNeilly: Guitar
Pat Kane: Bass
Dane Marcussen: Drums, Vibes

Produced by As Hell
Recorded/Engineered by Allen Epley and Eric Abert
on January 7-9, 2018 @ Electronical Studios in Des Plaines, Ill

All music by
Dane Marcussen
Pat Kane
Sean McNeilly
Kortland Chase Hetzel

All lyrics by Kortland Chase Hetzel

AS HELL would like to thank our partners, friends and families for being patient, loving, and supportive throughout our time as a band.


all rights reserved



AS HELL Chicago, Illinois

Loud. Deceased.

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